Struggling to find people who become buyers and turn into customers staying with you as valueable clients!

If so…

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it is true of many small business owners, that finding buyers, who become customers, who then go on to become valued clients is among the most difficult work they find themselves engaged in, and it does not have to be that way.

Too often they are too busy to stop and get a handle on this problem. They have deadlines, bills, expenses to meet and a mountain of things to get done. Finding the buyers, customers and clients who can help them seems to disappear in the fog of all the other stuff that clouds the day.

Too often they don’t know what it is that they are looking for in their business to change it into the successful enterprise they imagined.

My Marketing Compass

My Marketing Compass delivers to the average Jack and Jill upon the landscape a system that ends the wandering, stops the guessing and opens the path to a way forward in building a business. In these times that is all we want, isn’t it?

Answers after years of looking

After years of trying to figure out the issues that stopped me, and probably you too, I came to learn the answers. It isn’t that surprising when they are seen. What is surprising is how often they are right there in front of us and we don’t see them.

These answers are not some secret that cost a load of money, or have been hidden until now, and are the exclusive property of elite marketers of this age. These answers are there for to see; but that’s the problem. We don’t see what is in front of us.

Information that is old and wise

The information is old and wise and open for all of us. Putting it into a fashion that you can readily use now isn’t.  Knowing how to use what is there, once you see it, takes a specific and purposeful path. There are no secrets! There are insights that have been overlooked, that is what gets passed off as the big secret, and it isn’t.

The open secret is…

You apply and work a specific process and results come with that effort. Most ‘experts and guru’s have quick and easy. It is a delusion based upon a want to do things quickly and without the real work of a business.  There is no easy. There is only process based upon leverage and insight regarding your customers.

Anything else is wandering.

The quick and slick squeeze page artists abound with their compelling copywriting skills, pricing and marketing know how. But, they often only sell a piece of the needed whole. I’ve bought and paid for some of these pieces, maybe you have too; and maybe you like me were sorely disappointed in the return for what you paid.

What we would like you to do next!

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In this weekly email you will get Insights on how to leverage your time, understand the landscape, work with the emotions of buyers and learn about structure, strategy and tactics that are proven to help you build a business.

Some final thoughts to hopefully begin our going on with you…

If you have tried a lot of ways, ways that promised and didn’t deliver, and yet you still are looking at how to find and keep customers; then I might just be the place for you to start. 

There is no hype here. NONE. All I am looking for is the opportunity to show you that I can help certain people find their way upon the landscape they call their small business.

Billy Delaney

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