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Are you looking ahead to what’s next?

From where I sit, this is what I see, how about you?

Having looked around the landscape it isn’t a hard decision I have made to take up the podcasting challenge.

Here’s why!

We are all aware that the size of the screen is, has, shrunk to what we hold in our hand.

I do think that the latest iPad mini, along with the Android driven devices, and maybe even Microsoft have settled on size that matters.

Now the idea of reading can be addressed with the dynamic website design that fits all shapes and sizes. That matters, and I’m sure that is going to be interesting to see develop.

Video has it’s place in our bookpack, purse and manbag.

We can access tv, video and pictures at will now and that is going to get even better as more and more people jump from the pen past the page and into the digital channels of broadcasting episodic content.

Broadcasting Stations

I am seeing whole networks sprouting up and pretty soon they will be crowding the channels. One that has impressed me is Jody Colvard and Declan Dunn’s platform. Check it out here at New Media Marketing and here at FMGnetwork.


Another platform that I am impressed with enough to be planning on investing my time, talent and money is is Podcasting. But, you know that already from some previous posts.

This week in the newsletter I am going to be listing why. I am talking about the benefits that exist in this medium, and some of the pitfalls.

Things are changing faster than ever.

How do you control the rush, if you even can, has got me to slow down and really think about the next web a little. We all realize it is going to be mobile. But too many aren’t planning ahead enough in preparation for that.

The Website challenge

Blogging is not going away, the screen size has stabalized at 7” inches so you can read, if that is what you want.

The importance of a website is going to be secondary to the primary goal of getting attention. It will become seriously important in supporting that attention you do get and then some.


Also, I see in the future, forum’s coming back to support customers, clients and content. Not for free, but behind a paid subscription. That is for another day, and I will be writing on that soon enough.

See you about then.


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This week at

Why I think Podcasting is going to be as important as video, and how it’s going to change social media for the better.

It’s a look at the channel, what’s changed and why it matters.

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